Aroma Description:

Receptor log10 EC50 Adj. Top Antagonist? Hypothesized PQ Associated Perceptual Qualities (PQs)
OR8B2 -4.9 1 8.4211 1    animal
OR2W1 -4.04 2 9.5 2  allyl-demimetallic3
herbal, fatty, sweet, tart, banana, mushroom, orange, fresh, rancid, cherry, acacia, orangeflower
OR1A1 -3.34 2 9.8 2  leafy3
caraway, herbal, orange, cognac, weedy, spearmint, mushroom, hay, licorice, fatty
OR5R1 -3.8 1 7.6842 1  cerisic spearmint, acacia, coumarinic, hawthorn, tonka, mimosa, almond
OR10J5 - 0 2     
OR2C1 - 0 2     
OR2J2 - 0 2     
OR51E1 - 0 2     
OR51L1 - 0 2     
OR5P3 - 0 2     

1.) Xiaojing Cong, Wenwen Ren, Jody Pacalon, Claire A. de March, Lun Xu, Hiroaki Matsunami, Yiqun Yu, Jérôme Golebiowski Functions of olfactory receptors are decoded from their sequence

2.) Saito H, Chi Q, Zhuang H, Matsunami H, Mainland JD. Odor coding by a Mammalian receptor repertoire. Sci Signal. 2009 Mar 3;2(60):ra9. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2000016. PMID: 19261596; PMCID: PMC2774247.

3.) differential experiment.

References for aroma perceptual qualities should not be taken to indicate that the authors of outside studies necessarily assigned aroma notes to the neurons that receive input from any given receptor. Rather, the findings of outside studies often constitute the information on which we base our own perceptual quality assignments.